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Acclimate is a novel potato variety developed by enhancing the Ranger Russet variety with the second generation of Innate® technology.

Innate Storage

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Acclimate is a high yielding, dual purpose variety that can be used in the fresh or fry processing markets. Acclimate has the following new traits: 1) foliar late blight protection; 2) reduced invertase resulting in lower glucose levels; 3) reduced blackspot and darkening of raw tubers due to a reduction in the level of polyphenol oxidase (PPO) enzyme; and 4) reduced asparagine resulting in less acrylamide in cooked potato products.

Benefits for Growers:

• Ability to store tubers at 44°F for up to 9 months after harvest.
• Resistance to foliar late blight caused by several of the most prevalent strains of Phytophthora Infestans.
• 50% reduction in blackspot bruise compared to conventional Ranger Russet.
• Reduces the amount of acrylamide in cooked potato products by half compared to conventional Ranger Russet.

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Acclimate potatoes are sold under the White Russet™ Brand in select supermarkets and restaurants.

White Russet™ fresh whole potatoes have several benefits for consumers looking for better-quality, more sustainable potatoes for themselves and their families. The benefits include:

  • Better quality. White Russet™ potatoes have excellent quality throughout the length of the crop and significantly fewer blackspots than conventional Russet potatoes.
  • Convenience. They stay white longer when cut or peeled so operators can prep them in advance for the breakfast, lunch or dinner rush.
  • Less food waste and more usable product. Ugly blackspots are cut out and discarded in the kitchen. This adds up to an estimated 400 million lbs. of potato waste each year in the U.S. The White Russet™ helps alleviate this for operators who have sustainability goals.


  • White Russet™ Fresh Potatoes – Sold in 3, 5, 8 and 10 lb. poly bags and 50 lb. boxes in 50 to 80 ct. sizes.

For more information on White Russet™ potatoes, please visit the website: