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Improved Sustainability with Reduced Waste, Less Resource Use and Fewer Pesticide Sprays

Innate® potatoes provide significant sustainability advantages for the potato industry due to their enhanced traits. Since Innate® potatoes have reduced blackspot bruise, fewer potatoes are rejected by packers, processors and consumers leading to less waste. And, with a reduction in blackspot bruise defects, fewer resources can be used to achieve the same yield, which means farmers generate fewer CO2 emissions, using both less water and pesticides.

In addition, Innate® Generation Two potatoes have additional benefits to lead to less resources to grow and store. Acclimate and Hibernate potatoes have sugar control, leading to the ability to store for up to nine months after harvest at 44° to 46° F for more usable supply. These varieties also have resistance to the most prevalent U.S. strains of Phytophthora Infestans which causes Foliar Late Blight disease. This enables a 50% reduction in the number of fungicide application to control the disease.

If all russet potatoes in the fresh and process market in the U.S. were converted to Innate® Generation Two potatoes the following savings would be possible:

Conventional Potato vs. Innate