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The Produce News - Simplot’s White Russet a Marketplace Revolution

Simplot Plant Sciences is serving up a fresh development that is already generating buzz within the potato industry: the trademarked White Russet.

“White Russet potatoes bruise about 50 percent less and show virtually no black spots and won’t brown when you cut them,” Rob Myers, director of sales and marketing, told The Produce News.

“Fresh potatoes are generally grown from April to October, so potatoes that are purchased in the summer months are coming out of last year’s storage,” he explained. “As such, they are on the bottom of big piles of potatoes and often show signs of pressure bruise and black spots. White Russet potatoes bruise up to 44 percent less with virtually no black spots. So they are among the highest quality potatoes you can find at this time. Also, retail supermarkets often experience 3 percent or more of shrink loss due to poor quality potatoes. So White Russet potatoes would be a big benefit.”

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